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Brother El

Brother El is a spontaneous composer and multidisciplinary creative who uses music and visual arts to express ideas while connecting people to a higher plane of consciousness. Raised in the hip hop ascetic and DIY movement, he constantly looks to push the boundaries of music as an expert in the Live PA field. Formally trained as an Audio Engineer and Graphic Designer, he has acquired many different skills running The Beat Bank, an independent record label.  His sets often include using sequencers, synthesizers, drum  machines and samplers with doing fully improvised and live beat-making.  His unique style has been described as Chicago’s pulse, the breath of hip hop, the heartbeat of club respiration and the clashing fusion of South Side meeting ancestral roots.

In addition to his Live PA performances, Brother El has multiple forays and partnerships within the Chicago Music Scene.   Along with his solo performances, he also is a member of two groups: The electronic experimental act “Makers Of Sense” and most recently “The Present Elders” who recently came to prominence due to a series of pop up shows held at culturally significant areas of Chicago.  Furthermore, Brother El has worked with multiple Chicago institutions including The University of ChicagoOld Town School of Folk MusicThe Department of Cultural AffairsThe Oakland Museum of Contemporary ArtKnobcon, and Loyola University.

Spontaneous composer

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